“Unifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty
through active principles of indomitable Love”

Picture that.  It is powerful.  Think deeper…

 Elemental Ingredients

Unifying America – because we need it.  America always needs it – even if that wasn’t already obvious.

…to accelerate prosperous liberty…” – Liberty and prosperity should always stir the American soul, and accelerating them should be second nature.

…through active principles… – This site has principles – ones that will uplift.  But a plan without action is at best a dream, and this site will challenge one and all to commit to action.  Principled action.

…of indomitable Love.” – What the world needs now is Love.  Incredible Love.  Invincible Love.  Indomitable Love.  (Agape.  Even Pragma, Philia, and Ludus.  Not Eros)

 Why Love

But why Love?  Well, there’s much more to say about that.  But for now – or for all of history – Incredible things have been and will be done using Love.

Invincible Love

Indefatigable Love

Indomitable Love.

Historical examples will be cited.  Stay tuned.


To actively create a self-sustaining community that has enlightened discussions and takes action to bend the arc of history towards justice by choosing indomitable love, sharing compassion, demonstrating understanding of fellow humans – both online and face-to-face.  

To discuss history and principles and leadership and debate – while individually and collectively progressing through the levels of activation – reinforcing belief in the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, and accelerating prosperous liberty for all.

 To build connections amongst Americans – especially those who may disagree politically, but who can admire our principles, or at least, acknowledge that the other voters are indeed their fellow Americans.
To contribute to a place that is bigger than each of us individually – arkofhistory – where all of this is possible.


What We Do

  • We articulate and actively advance ideals and principles around love, compassion, respect, understanding.
  • We discuss history, add knowledge, debate, and share ideas and ideals, with a commitment to historical awareness.
  • We track the arc of the moral universe, and put up a scoreboard about how it bends towards justice.  And we unite people to take action to bend it a little bit at a time.
  • While we are not explicitly religious, we ask everyone to respect all religions.  And we ask those who are religious to explicitly refrain from preaching while espousing and modeling fundamental and universal principles like Love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and free will.
  • We ask everyone to join the community and share it with all. We recommend the arkofhistory to our friends.  Like it on Facebook.  Retweet our tweets.
  • We believe in action, and we encourage everyone into principled action, believing that, “…all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”



  • Anyone who has the courage.  In fact, everyone who aspires to.


Each person may have their own reasons.  Mine are five-fold:

  • I believe in the power of liberty.  And prosperity.  And principles.  And action.  And I’ve studied history all my life.  And I believe that by combining those things with Love, the moral ark of the universe can be bent towards justice.  And I ask you to join me in my belief and become active in yours.
  • I believe in self-interest when people are making rational decisions.   I literally believe that this vision, these actions, and this mission and the community will make life better for me, for those I care about, and those they care about, and so on.  I believe that a great many of you – or at least you, yourself, will agree with me that this is in your best interest.
  • I believe in making the choice to give this as a gift to my children and to future generations.
  • Because while I’m not from the South, nor am I a mid-westerner, I admire Southern Hospitality and Mid-western sensibility, and want to see both grow.
  • Because I have always wanted and enjoyed being a part of something that was so much bigger than myself, and I want to bring that to everyone.

“(Abraham) Lincoln’s principles were evident without being preached. The principles were lived.”

abraham_lincoln_o-77_matte_collodion_printThe ‘Ark’ of History is place defined by its principles.  They’re embedded in our vision and mission.  We challenge you to join us, and to ask others to do so as well.  And that means living up to the core principles.

Call to Action

Every Page, every post, every thing in the Ark of History will have a call to principled action.

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  3. I also ask you to do the same for me, “Son Of A History Professor”.
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With Love,

 – Son Of A History Professor