Love Is A Choice

Love is a choice.  That’s what makes it beautiful.

#Choose Love.

That’s our tagline.  #Choose Love.  Choose to love as many people as possible, and choose to try to love them as completely as possible.

Imagine what it must be like to live your life choosing love all the time.  Imagine meeting someone who lives that way.  Imagine what life would be like if there were lots of people who followed that way of life.  Imagine a group of people like that united for the purpose of changing the world.

Wouldn’t you want to meet them?  Know them?  interact with them?

If you did know lots of people like that, and interacting with them enriched your life in a way you had never experienced before, wouldn’t you want to do what they do – love openly?  Would you want to do it alot?

Considering choices….do I #Choose Love? Hmm…..

Would you consider joining them?

Hold that thought.  They might be radicals.  More on that later.

The verb “to love” – what does it mean?

From Buddhist philosophy, there are four elements necessary to Love.  In order, they are:

  1. Understanding (of the one being loved)
  2. Compassion (for suffering)
  3. True joy (that you love)
  4. Freedom (enjoyed by the object of love)

What this says is that first, one must understand the person (object of love), and that understanding is necessary but not sufficient.  Next one must have compassion for any suffering.  This might mean that to love an alcoholic, one has to be compassionate for the suffering that they inflict on themselves and others, which frankly, sounds like real work – and yet both necessary and insufficient for this definition of love.  Because even more, one needs to have true joy in the process of loving someone, and lastly, the object of love must have true freedom.

There – all of them together are both necessary and sufficient to be truly love.

Don’t you truly want that – Love?

Does that fit?  When one thinks about the love that one received from their parents, or about the love that one gives to their child, does that fit?  Do you first need to understand?  And then have compassion?  And then have joy?  and finally, allow that person complete freedom?  Isn’t that, like, complete love?

 Wouldn’t you want to have that from your parents if you had any say in it?  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful?  Wouldn’t you want your kids to have that?  Is there any reason not to aspire to that?  For someone you love, shouldn’t you try to achieve the fullest love you can?

YES.  I mean, just so there’s no ambiguity.  This is what I believe, and this is a foundation-level principle of the Ark of History.

#Choose Love.  Choose to love as many people as you can, as deeply as you can.  And where you fall short…at least try to work your way through the steps.

Why Choose (to actively) Love?

Rational self interest.  Plus, it makes life much more interesting.

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” Right?  Interestingly, this isn’t about romantic (Eros) love, it is about brotherly love, (Philia, Agape) for his best friend.

Clip from 1989 movie, Parenthood on YouTube

Rollercoasters are more interesting than Merry-Go-Rounds.  Just look at the difference in the lines, and the demographics of those who ride them at Disneyland.

Motivational Speaker Brendan Burchard almost died in a car accident.  He says that when he woke up, thinking his life was over, he asked himself, “Did i Live?  Did I Love?  Did I matter?”  Come  to the Ark of History often and we’ll help you do all three.  Brendan’s message is a good one.

You get one shot at life.  If you do it right, that’s enough.  #Choose Love.  That seems like a life well lived.

Share your experience Choosing Love:

If you have actively spent a portion of your life “Choosing Love” and you thought it was just “meh” or somehow became bitter or a hater or something of the sort, I really really want to know.  Why?  Because my experience, after trying to do this for several years is, “this is a beautiful, uplifting, empowering, life.”


I’ll write a blog post about it one day.  Y’all are welcome to submit guest posts as well – and you always will be.

 There is a catch – thankfully, not Catch-22

Here’s the one catch.  Hate doesn’t work.

I mean…you can hate things.  Or people.  Or objects.  Or whatever.  The wise and venerable Yoda says that Hate leads to Suffering.  I have never heard Yoda say, “Hashtag – Choose Love.”  But we all know how Yoda feels about Hate.

One cannot succeed at hating someone and truly loving them at the same time.  Why?  Somewhere around step 2 – compassion, or step 3 – joy for loving them – that Hate gets in the way.  At that point, one has to choose.

Choose not to hate….

Do I really have to write this subtitle?  Oh …That’s right #elections2016 is not just a nightmare…it really happened – and the division and polarization is still out there.

My fellow Americans….That’s what you call the people who voted differently in America’s election in November, 2016.

Hate is quite an ugly word.  “Hate is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.”  Hate is negative.  Hate is a lose-lose proposition.  “Holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your head rent-free.”

Hate is such an ugly word, I don’t even dare to hate Hate.

I will also share my journey to learn not to hate in a blog post.  But I had a choice.  So do you.  You have free will.  That’s what makes love a choice.

About people who choose Love

At the beginning of this page, you were asked to imagine loving as many people as you can as completely as you can.

You were asked to imagine living your life that way.

Now, you are asked to imagine what a group of people like that could do when united by a common purpose.

Even more, consider this vision:  Unifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty through active principles of indomitable Love

America has tons of hatred running through its political discourse today.  Way too much division.

Way too little compassion.  Too little understanding.  Too little joy of interconnection.  Too little love.


Declare yourself as someone who aspires to live up to the expectation of loving as many people as you can, as much as you can.

Call to action – what will you do?

You already know the call to action.  Now submit a comment.