“All men die.  Some leave a legacy.”

What’s your legacy?  What do you plan for people to say about you at your funeral?  Most people who walk this earth will leave a legacy through their children.  Some through their contributions to society.  Some through both.

What do you want to be included in your Eulogy?

This is the Legacy section of the Ark of History.  It is for people who have passed who wanted the world to know what they fought for.  This is for real people.  There is a fee – the proceeds from this section pay for operating costs here at the Ark of History, which has expenses but no ads.

Please be respectful of these pages.  These are for people who hopefully are resting in peace.  It is their statement to the world about what they thought was important, what they fought for, and what they last words are to you.

“We don’t receive the earth from our ancestors.  We borrow it from our children.”

Below are those who want to be remembered here at the Ark of History.