These questions came from face-to-face discussions about the site.  Soon there will be an online mechanism for FAQ.

  • What is the airspeed of an un-laden swallow?
  • Kirk or Picard?
  • Is Paladin the best character class for AD&D or what?
  • Dude, did the ending to LOST suck or what?
  • Why is Rosebud a sled?
  • 42?  Like Pat Tillman’s jersey number?  Is that why it is the secret to the universe?
  • So, like, WHY is everyone trying to kill Yossarian?
  • Do you mean Boo Radley was really a nice guy?
  • Why did they replace the world’s most interesting man?
  • Who (else) killed JFK?
  • Why did George Lucas make Episode II?

Okay…more serious questions will be posted soon.  Life’s too short to not have fun with it.