About this site

It is growing.  Hopefully daily.  It was first online right after Thanksgiving, in November of 2016.

I love my mother.

I just had to say that.  Dad too.  I wrote this on my mother’s birthday.
I’ll bet most of you, do, too.  And by that, I mostly mean you love your own parents.


About the Author

For now, my identity is “Son Of A History Professor“.   or @sonofahistorypr  I am a regular dude.  I worry about paying my mortgage, if my company (high tech) will have layoffs, and sending my kids to college one day.  And recently, I decided to create the Ark of History as a place.

This is the picture I use for my online identity.  One day – probably less than a year from now – the whole world will likely know my name.  Do I have something to hide?  Only my political opinions from my co-workers.

I know.  I’ve got radical ideas – Love.  (Agape.  Even Philia, Pragma, and Ludus.  Not Eros.  That’s only for my wife.)  I just want to have the whole site up, and functioning, so that people (my co-workers) can see the whole idea and how beautiful it is.

What kind of place is this?

Well, for now, please see the vision.  Hopefully I’ll start pounding out pages and blog entries and content now that I nailed down my vision.

Here is the Ark of History on Twitter.  And on Facebook.  It is a place – founded on principles – that like minded people join …for the purpose of uniting Americans in prosperous liberty.  And they do that by using principled action and Indomitable Love.

And…I guess it is a place that asks you to call your mother and say you love her.

Call to Action

  1. Call your Mother and tell her you love her.  If this is would be unusual for you both, then just giggle a little bit, and say only that you love her.  *Don’t mention this site*.  Keep the magic.  Okay, I changed my mind.  Do mention this site – but only if she has a Facebook or Twitter account.  And wait a good ten minutes between saying “I love you” and the time you mention this site.
  2. Call your Father and do the same.  Yeah, even if you’re a dude.  Yes, it felt awkward the first time I said it to my dad.  He liked it.  you will, too.
  3. Comment below:


Son Of A History Professor