Help Wanted.  This is your place, too.  It is open to all who can abide by this list of core principles.  Why?  Glad you asked.

The vision is, simply: Unifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty through active principles of indomitable Love.

Since this is about people who buy into that vision and value the principles, it is really like saying, “You want you.”  Really.  You do.  Trust me.  Or Trust yourself.  Whichever.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is considered one of the greatest American speeches, ever.  And why is that?  Because it framed the Civil War as a struggle to prove that the American experiment of self Government was not a failure.  That we believe in the ideals that come from the Declaration of Independence and that we want political and economic freedoms, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, etc.

You want that.  You want that for yourself, and for your fellow American.  You want to gift it to your children.

And to do that, you have to be involved.  You have to pay attention to government.  You have to register to vote and then actually vote.  And tell your friends.  And encourage them to vote.  And have civic participation.

GREAT NEWS!!! You can help America and the Ark of History at the same time.  Because the Ark of History is about helping Americans discuss and interact and debate and get involved and be active.

So how can you help?

  1. Read the Principles, and choose to adopt them
  2. Visit often and comment on things you read here – within the principles, of course
  3. Volunteer to moderate comments – ones that fit within the principles.
  4. Choose to blog here, and apply to become a member.
  5. Tell your friends.  Promote the site on social media.
  6. Add your name to the email update list.

That seems like a good start.

If space aliens kidnapped me and took me to Mars tomorrow, I’d be proud of this site as my civic legacy.  Oh, it will grow, and become ….Well, you may know better than I.

Why?  Because this place is open to all who can simply embrace the principles.  They’re the core.  After that, greatness follows for the site.  How?  Because people will join.  Remember, “Long Term Vision/Value” is one of the principles, and that means an infinite game.  People will join.  They will contribute.  Blog.  Comment.  Share.  Discuss.  Enrich.  Interact.

For now, my name is “Son of a History Professor”.  One day soon, my name will be public.  My sincerest desire is to make the Ark of History indispensable to American civic life.  To have people surpass my contributions here.  To have amazing people join and become members and contribute and author and drive.

And while the URL and domain name are currently my personal property, you have my commitment right here that all who contribute to the greatness of this site will share in its rewards.



Will this site rival the Huffington Post one day?  Dunno.  There already is a Huffington Post – that role has already been filled.  It will not be a Reddit.  There already is a Reddit.  The Ark of History will be its own thing, creating its own mark on the world.

This is you. You know. The person who wants you to join, contribute, and leave your mark on the world.

Reach out to me on social media, or comment.  Or via the contact forms.  Soon there will be a membership page, and some kind of process, etc. etc.


Your future awaits you.


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