What do you call the @#%!$% who voted differently in #elections2016?

Frankly, there is a lack of compassion and mutual understanding, and, well, Love.  I don’t hear those voices in our national discourse.

Answer: “My Fellow Americans

Yeah – if you want to demonize the other politicians, so be it.  But the voters?  Just like you, voters had their reasons.

What your fellow Americans do

I don’t hear enough, “compassion, etc.” So I’m doing something about it.  I’m encouraging everyone to “Choose Love“, because, frankly, Love is a choice.

And I’m encouraging everyone to work to show common courtesy to everyone you interact with – and most especially online.  Yeah, there too.

And to get involved.  Really – do it.  That makes our contry even greater.  Do you disagree?

Updated – Now that I have these quotes done, I have to add these two:



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As your small adjustments become behavior, you may continue so as
to add more wholesome choices.

David Thomlinson

Nice page and idea, but I think you spelled “ark” wrong — should be “arc.”

Sure. Part of what happened was a result of switching teams. I feel social media fabrications hurt deeply for one team. As well as gerrymandering. I live a mile from a govt subsidized section 8 housing in Ohio. For 21 years I voted within a 1/4 mile of the section 8 housing. For 3 years our (mine and section 8’s) polling location has moved further and further away. 3 years ago, it was about 2.5 miles away. The past 2 years it is has been almost 7.5 miles away. I now pass 3 closer precinct’s polls to get to our… Read more »

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