What and Why – Guided By Principle

What do we do at the Ark of History?

Consider this a forward looking statement of intent:

  1. We post reviews of news articles.
  2. Members create “Issues” pages – to collect article reviews, discussions, and proposed actions.
  3. Some of us write blogs.
  4. We publish “Top10” lists – lists of issues, lists of reviewed articles, and lots of other things.  We’re big into these.
  5. We host respectful, Enlightened Discussions on one another’s Issues & topics.
  6. We take Principled action as subgroups.
  7. We encourage each other in the Principles of the Ark of History.

The site doesn’t do this yet (01/08/2017).  But it’s members will do this one day.


I’m so glad you asked.  The simplest answer is our vision:

“Unifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty
through active principles of indomitable Love”

Picture that.  It is powerful.  Think deeper…

No really, Why?

We believe in these principles:  Love, Activation, Enlightened Discussion, Long Term Thinking, Competition, Justice, and Unity

We believe that America’s greatest days are ahead of her.  And that 2016 showed that she needs some UNITY to get there – and that all our lives are better that she did not tear herself in two back in the 1860s.

We believe  that JUSTICE for all is an essential part of the issues that hold America back, and essential to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We believe that the diversity of ideas from all comers should COMPETE and the best shall GROW to the forefront of our minds.

We believe that thinking LONG TERM and behaving that way are essential to learning from history and propelling Her towards Greatness.  After all, the ‘arc’ of history is long…but it bends towards justice.

We believe and have faith in ENLIGHTENED DISCUSSIONS to eventually reveal a unified path to increased Greatness.

We believe that words without deed are empty, and that action comes from ACTIVATION of the great masses of (busy) Americans.  We believe in activating ourselves and our fellows to make the previous principles powerful.

We believe that these six principles alone, and without LOVE, are insufficient to truly effect lasting change in America.  Quoting Paul, “The greatest of these is Love”.  We believe that the elements of Love – Compassion, Understanding, Joy, and Freedom – provide a basis for uplifting all other principles to unassailable positions.

And we believe that nothing good or useful ever came from Hate.  In fact, we prefer not to even use the word unless necessary.

So, like what is this place again?

  • It is an online place,
  • dedicated to Principles,
  • where members raise “issues”
  • and have enlightened discussions
  • about the ‘Arc of History’
  • and how we (members) bend it towards Justice
  • through activation and action
  • to love America
  • and her people
  • and ensure that America’s greatest days are always in front of Her.

Put simply, this is a place to restore and renew your faith in the goodness of humanity.

Put simply, this is a place for people to connect and do their piece to make the world a better place.

Put simply, this is a place you should contribute to – but only if you value the Principles.

Put simply, this is a place that encourages people to #ChooseLove.

Do you have a F.A.Q.?

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