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Help Wanted.  This is your place, too.  It is open to all who can abide by this list of core principles.  Why?  Glad you asked.

The vision is, simply: Unifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty through active principles of indomitable Love.

Since this is about people who buy into that vision and value the principles, it is really like saying, “You want you.”  Really.  You do.  Trust me.  Or Trust yourself.  Whichever.

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Tonight’s Speech by POTUS at joint session of Congress

Great speech tonight by the POTUS at the joint session of Congress.  There are those out there who were rooting for him to fail.  There are those out there who were cynical at each word.  Honestly, the feel of the words were pretty good.  The specifics will be a real big challenge.  REAL BIG.

Speech Grade: A (Graded on a serious curve)

But here’s what matters: what gets *DONE*

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This is an entry (the first) in a series of blogs on news articles telling you “WhatYouNeedToKnow”

Publisher: New York Times

Subject: Trump Team’s garbled message – strong dollar or weak dollar

Author: @Neil Irwin


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Lean On Me

Hello all.

Yeah dude, that blows chunks. I feel ya. Tell me more. I’m listening

First I just want to say that I’m here, I’m listening, and you can reach out to me if you’re feeling lost.  If you’re feeling thunderstruck.  If the swirling chaos is disorienting you.

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What if Bernie Sanders endorsed the Ark of History?

We’re just sayin’. 😉

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) endorsing the Ark of History on the floor of the US Senate, and asking about “slash tags”

People are saying that this photo isn’t doctored, and doesn’t even have health insurance under the likely-to-be-budget-reconciled-into-oblivion Affordable Care Act.  We hear that a lot.

Man!  Bernie Sanders giving us a plug on the floor of the Senate!  This is going to be big!  Yuuuuuuuge!

Our original tweet:

Listening to someone who voted differently

Merry Christmas!

Did you hear that I saved a bunch of money on Christmas!!  How?  I talked about politics on Facebook!!!

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What do you call the @#%!$% who voted differently in #elections2016?

Frankly, there is a lack of compassion and mutual understanding, and, well, Love.  I don’t hear those voices in our national discourse.

Answer: “My Fellow Americans

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