Levels of Activation

Where do you (generally) fit on this model of different levels of #activation?

0 – Unaware.  Perhaps blissfully ignorant.  Almost completely disconnected

  1. Aware –  You hear about stuff.
  2. Interested – You follow a topic.
  3. Concerned – You also say, “someone should do something!”
  4. Inquisitive – You make efforts to learn more.
  5. Active – You raise the topic with others.
  6. Advocating – You make recommendations.
  7. Intentional – You create a plan and act on it as a response
  8. Influencing – Your plan is impacting people
  9. Champion – You are a recognized leader on the topic.

Activation level can vary from topic to topic.  For example, if someone out there is at a Champion level of activation on the problem of excessive belly-button lint, I’m probably a 0 – UNAWARE.

On issues of historical significance – say, Voting rights – I’m a 7 (Intentional) and I’m moving to become get to 8 (Influencing) and eventually 9 (Champion) becoming a recognized leader on the topic.

This site – the Ark of History – has a visionUnifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty through active principles of indomitable Love.

The site is dedicated to principles.  For now, let’s recognize a key principle – ACTIVATION – and for now, let’s call it principle #2.

What is Activation?

Another principle which will be detailed soon is about Long Term Value & Understanding – so there will one day be a blog post about Edmund Burke, who essentially gave the world the quote in bullet #3.

Why #Activation

Simply, “Innovation without Execution is Hallucination.”  Whether that was said by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, or Senor Chavez, it is fundamental.

Activation is more than just action.  People at the lowest levels become aware of issues, and progress to action.  People who are ready for action progress to connect with others, and find common ground.  And somewhere out there, leadership focuses these united people into a common direction.

Imagine the actions of one man – being amplified and supported by the endorsement of billions of people.  What could be more powerful than that?  If billions of people are activated and united into a common purpose, what could stand in opposition?

Activation essentially combines several other key principles – the principle of Unity and Combination, and the principle of Enlightened Discussion.  But it adds its own piece – intentional action.

Example – Activating Snowflakes

Snow from Rocky Mountain National Park will eventually melt and flow through the Grand Canyon

Look upon the Grand Canyon.  It is a wonder.  It is stunning to behold in person, let alone to walk to the bottom.  Or best – to wake up in the morning at the bottom and watch the sunrise illuminate  the walls of the canyon.

The bottom layers of the canyon were initially deposited a billion years ago.  The Colorado river has been rushing through it for millions of years, cutting and eroding pieces of the earth away, revealing each of the layers.  The river has been almost intentional in its action – unifying the purpose of the snowfall from the Rocky Mountains to flow west and cut through the high Arizona plateau and create the amazing place that is the Grand Canyon.

…Just like the Arc of History

The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.

This is a quote from Theodore Parker, a 19th century Unitarian minister and American Abolitionist, who was speaking of Slavery and its evils.  Later, the reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted him in his 1960’s civil rights movement.  People commonly shorten it to the “Arc of History”.

It is long.  It does bend towards justice.  Slavery was ended in America via the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution.  But it doesn’t just happen.

People have to progress through levels of activation to unite and combine to bend the arc of history to justice.

Throughout history, people worked through the levels of Activation around an idea whose time had come, and in the process, the moral arc of the universe was bent.  It improved our lives.  It improved our reality.  Maybe the activation was so successful that today we take it for granted that that idea has “arrived”.

God willing we never have to live without them.

Is Activation the most important principle?

I hope you’re almost laughing when you read this question – which is the most important principle?  The one that is presented first is #ChooseLove.  But asking which is the most important is like asking which of your children is your favorite.  Or which column does more work to hold up the Lincoln Memorial.  They’re all critical, and they combine to make something much bigger than each one alone.

Just like every person who activates.  Just like each person who goes through the levels of activation.

These two quotes make up activation:

  • The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.
  • All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Call to action – Activating the Ark of History

Every page has a call to action.  So yes, Activation is fundamental.  You are called to understand Activation, and to advance through the levels of activation by joining the Ark of History.

  • Be aware of the issues out there
  • Understand them
  • Learn more
  • Bring up the subject with people you interact with.  Encourage them into action.
  • Advocate for the principles of the Ark of History.  Advocate that people join the site and become activated if they believe in the principles.  Share why you value these principles.
  • Become intentional about these principles – and encrich our definitions, our understandings, and our practice of these principles.
  • Activate yourself and others
  • If you are so moved, become a leader here at the Ark of History.  Son of a History Professor is the founder, but he believes in competition – and he wants other leaders to step forward and challenge his leadership by driving and advancing the principles.

What will you do?  What inhibits you from progressing through the levels of Activation?  Join us.  Contribute to the ideas and ideals of the Ark of History