This is a story of a time when something unbelievable happened.  It was literally so “out-there”, so far beyond anything that ever had been before, so difficult to comprehend that no one could believe it.

So it stayed a secret.

In fact, it became a secret weapon.  It was used with stunning effectiveness.  It happened many many times, and each time, nobody believed that it happened.  Oh sure, people talked about it.  Evidence was displayed.  Documents were created.  But virtually everybody rejected the idea, because just no body could believe it.

It was so powerful, that it caused destruction of so many lives.  It was terrible.  Incredible injustice happened.  It destroyed people.  But if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, did it really make a sound?

Then one day, a comedian made a joke, and the bubble popped.

Mental Barrier to Progress of Humankind

In the grand sweep of history, progress will always be inhibited by a collective mental boundary in the minds of people that stops them from accepting an unbelievable fact.  So the fact is denied.  The fact is rejected.  It is banished.  It is not possible.  It did not exist.

Which thing below is the thing that was a secret?














In each of these pairs of pictures, people just didn’t believe it could happen.

  • Nobody believed 20+ women who came forward to say that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them … until one day when a comedian made a joke, and finally, people considered the idea and suddenly, the bubble popped.
  • Nobody thought that people would ever intentionally fly airplanes into buildings – until the day they did.
    • And those people never thought the passengers of flight 93 would find a way to stop them.
  • Hitler was a charming man who won the time magazine “Man of the Year” for the economic miracle he brought to Germany.  And nobody believed that the Reich implemented a systematic means of genocide…until the day that western troops started liberating camps.

This was written on 9/11/2017.  Let us all have a moment of silence in honor of tosee who struggled and sacrificed and died.  Please volunteer for a 9/11 charity.  And if you want to have an ENLIGHTENED DISCUSSION about President Bush, please keep it in line with the values of this site – Long term and enlightened, with an eye to Justice and Unity.

There are other examples of “failure of imagination” relating to unbelievable things.  In 1929, the stock market was only going to go up, right?  In 2008, the housing market was only going to go up, right?

There have been many other mental barriers that have existed.  And in each case, looking back, we don’t remember how confusing the truth seemed, we only seem to ask ourselves, “how come those people back then couldn’t see the obvious?”

But it wasn’t obvious.  It was unbelievable.

The Corollary to the Mental Barrier is that the idea must be conceived and communicated and named before progress can be made.

  • People have to conceive that Women can contribute to society in every way that a Man can save one physical act before we fully live in that world.
  • People have to conceive that Indigenous Americans have the right to participate in society before the USA gave them citizenship (1924), even though some were sent off to WW I to fight and die – with less than full rights and privileges.
  • People have to conceive that people descended from Sub-Saharan Africa are both people and Americans before we as a collective society seem to be willing to grant them full rights and privileges in America.
  • People (Nazis?  Neo-Nazis?)  have to fully conceive that Jewish people are actually people before granting them the right to live without hate or injustice.

In some ways, these things are *UNBELIEVABLE*

Long term, to finish bending the ‘Moral Arc of the Universe’ towards Justice,  we will have to have people far and wide *conceive* the idea – to the fullest extent – that to be American is to believe –

All Men Are Created Equal

…necessarily and automatically includes all women, and all people who might seem different in America in 2017, or any year one might pick.

…necessarily includes just plain all people.

How to plant that idea in the mind of someone who might one day choose a path like Dylann Roof?  How to keep that person from going down that path?

Love.  Compassion.  And Stories.

But that is for another time.  For there might just be another *UNBELIEVABLE* item lurking in plain sight.

Something that is in plain sight.  As a poker player, the read is obvious.  The clues are there.  For some reason, pepple put their hands over their eyes and say, “I don’t see anything.”

It is unbelievable.

It starts with Tr – but it is not the President, but rather, something he did.  And it ends with his “Son”

How long until we realize what is already obvious?  How long until we conceive of it?

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