Tonight’s Speech by POTUS at joint session of Congress

Great speech tonight by the POTUS at the joint session of Congress.  There are those out there who were rooting for him to fail.  There are those out there who were cynical at each word.  Honestly, the feel of the words were pretty good.  The specifics will be a real big challenge.  REAL BIG.

Speech Grade: A (Graded on a serious curve)

But here’s what matters: what gets *DONE*

The country needed this level of competence – even if this is graded on a curve.  In some ways, And the tone was a wonderful improvement. BTW, Paul Ryan loved it as time went on – reading his face, he got more and more excited – almost as if the end was a football game and not an address to a joint session of Congress.


Now is the time for those with an (R) next to their name to govern. No, scratch that – it started a month ago.

It was really a great speech. Really.  FDR wasn’t a great President because of his speeches. It was what he got done.  Lincoln wasn’t a great President because of his speeches. It was what he got done. (well Gettysburg…but this was not Gettysburg)

The (R) people have both houses of Congress + the Executive. Get something **DONE** that helps the American people (and not just billionaires).  This speech is like doing one’s homework.  What really matters is your grade on the test – and the final exam.

I don’t know what you call people who voted differently than you in #Elections2016. But I call them “My Fellow Americans”

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God Bless. God Bless the USA.  And even if you don’t like him, God Bless POTUS.


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