Lean On Me

Hello all.

Yeah dude, that blows chunks. I feel ya. Tell me more. I’m listening

First I just want to say that I’m here, I’m listening, and you can reach out to me if you’re feeling lost.  If you’re feeling thunderstruck.  If the swirling chaos is disorienting you.

I’m a real dude with a real facebook account.  I hardly touch that one.  I created a different one – sonofahistoryprofessor – because I want to take political stands in this blog and isolate them from my professional career.  So 90% of my FB friends for SoaHP – I only know them electronically.

Many of them are sad.  Demoralized.  They sound low.  One posts the number of days left until the end of the Pence administration.  One is just shocked.  One is throwing everything they can onto FB.  Some are quiet, or post about their music they create, or several about how thankful (every day) they are for Jesus as their savior.  So not all are depressed – but many seem low.

Me, I have the long view of history, and I know which direction to go. Stick with me.

You can reach out to me if you feel you are losing faith.  Or optimism.  Or demoralized.  Or whatever.  In fact, please click this YouTube link to enjoy some music.

“We have never been more electrically connected and less personally connected to one another (fellow Americans) than ever in history.” -SoaHP

Sadly, the quote above is true.

But if you want to reach out to me, please do on either twitter, or FB, or via a comment below.  I will respond individually unless I’m getting like 1,000 responses.  And only then will I respond en masse.

“I am on a personal mission to distribute a billion smiles in my lifetime… and I’m hopelessly behind.  …Will you help me?  :-)” -SoaHP

I literally repeat that phrase above in personal conversations.  Yep.  I believe in having as many authentic, genuine connections to real people as possible.  So if you’re despairing, please reach out to me.  Here’s who I am:

  • A dude
  • with a (wonferful!) wife, kids
  • with a mortgage
  • several degrees
  • a job in engineering/marketing at a high tech firm
  • the son of a 5th grade teacher
  • the son of a History Professor
  • the grandson of Copper Miners
  • A nerd – I was the top chess player in my whole high school from the beginning of my Freshman year.  And no, that did not help with the ladies.
  • A dude who found religion late in life, but does it in a “chill” way
  • A true student of life.  And of History. And of many subjects.
  • A lover of maps, and geography, and anthropology, and sociology, and economics, and …
  • Someone who believes that hate is a waste.  Complete waste.  Useless.
  • A dude who collects deep friendships and is open about his life.  And his real feelings.

Well…. What the world needs now is Love, sweet Love.  That’s if you didn’t do the first link to music.

I edited this post from its original – shortened greatly to just stick to offering to be a friend.

Please leave a comment about at time when you needed a friend and someone was there for you.  Or leave a comment about a time when you were there for someone.  Or if you need someone, well leave me a comment – I’ll respond.

– SoaHP

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