Listening to someone who voted differently

Merry Christmas!

Did you hear that I saved a bunch of money on Christmas!!  How?  I talked about politics on Facebook!!!

Kidding.  Totally kidding.  I spent part of this holiday time socializing with family members who did not vote the way I did.  We didn’t talk about politics much.  My plan was to first listen.  Understand.

I did get ready to start some related dialog.  There was a juicy sentence my uncle shared about “what ruined Washington, and how Trump would fix it.”  I was about to ask for clarifications on what Trump would do, what he wouldn’t do, etc.  – but I got pulled away before I could ask and listen.  🙁
Before that part, there was one fascinating discussion where that same uncle was telling me that if he smoked only 3 cigarettes a day, it would not affect his health, and that there would be no impact from those cigarettes.  And that second hand smoke was BS.  And that all the PC limitations on smoking were BS.  I just listened.  Another uncle challenged his assertions.  That other uncle clearly didn’t accept his proclamations.

I also talked to a different uncle this weekend.  My aunt – his beloved wife of 53 years – passed away this summer from Cancer, and this was the first Christmas without her.  Naturally, it was tough.  And this uncle, well, lets just say that he and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye.

I wished him the best, too.  Even if there are many in the family who aren’t fond of him.  #ChooseLove.

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